What is conference interpreting?

A good negotiating strategy is vital for expressing your point of view clearly and achieving the best possible results. But what happens when the participants of the conference don't speak the same language? Then you need professional support from a conference interpreter: they translate what is spoken from one language into another very quickly, allowing for a smooth process.

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What makes our conference interpreters stand out?

Working as a conference interpreter demands more than just language fluency: flexibility, strong nerves, fast reactions and stamina are just as important. In some cases, conferences can last a number of hours - and so naturally the ability to concentrate for long periods is crucial. We value professionalism in our conference interpreters very highly: our interpreters have not only specialist qualifications but also many years experience. In order to guarantee the security of your company's secrets, our interpreters sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as a code of ethics before being accepted into our database. Smoothly-run conferences without language barriers - with a lingoking interpreter, your international negotiations are guaranteed to go without a hitch.

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Whether you work in industry, pharmacy, or IT - we have the perfect conference interpreter for you. Our experts are familiar with all the requisite technical vocabulary and know exactly what is important in negotiations. With interpreters in over 40 countries offering over 70 language combinations, we can help no matter where your conference takes place. Negotiations in America today, a conference in China tomorrow... lingoking is as flexible as your business travel plans. We would be delighted to offer you individual support in the search for the right interpreter. Call our team and let us know exactly what you're looking for - it won't take us long to organise an interpreter for your next conference.

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