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Serbian interpreters
for worldwide on-site appointments

lingoking will gladly provide you with a professional Serbian interpreter to support you linguistically in your endeavours. The Serbian interpreter will eloquently and swiftly render the messages from one language into the other. This not only makes your work easier, but also guarantees a pleasant atmosphere for dialogue right from the start.

Naturally, the professionally qualified Serbian interpreters with whom lingoking works have a recognised university education and have signed documents committing them to discretion. To ensure that the skills of your Serbian interpreter explicitly match your requirements, specify in advance which areas of expertise they should specialise in. In the adjacent form, please also specify the source and target languages and the period for which the Serbian interpreteris to be made available to you.

Serbian interpreters for every occasion

If language is a barrier, an interpreter can help. If you would like to talk to a Serb, a Serbian interpreter can mediate. Find out here at lingoking about the fields of application of Serbian interpreters and learn exciting facts about the Serbian language.

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Depending on your requirements, we can of course also translate your documents from any other language.

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Our guide for your next Serbian exchange

Here are our answers for the perfect Serbian interpreter!

All participating parties benefit from an intercultural exchange by discussing the latest developments and trends. However, the language itself often represents a tricky hurdle to overcome: if neither of the conversation partners speak English, it is difficult to find a way to talk constructively about important topics. In this case, discrepancies can often only be resolved with the help of an interpreter. Serbian interpreters are used in a number of important sectors, especially in the service sector and in the metal trade. Agriculture, once so important, now accounts for only nine per cent of GDP (2011), compared to over 64 per cent for services and almost 27 per cent for industry. Serbian interpreters are essential in large Serbian cities, such as the capital Belgrade or Novi Sad, for meetings between companies in the banking and insurance sectors.

In addition, much is being invested in the modernisation of factory sites and facilities, so that the service of a Serbian interpreter is necessary in the context of visits to production facilities. Important industrial products include iron and steel, chemical products (rubber and plastics) and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that tourism is emerging as an economic sector with potential. Popular destinations are the large cities already mentioned and the extensive national parks, for example in the Kopaonik Mountains.

With a Serbian interpreter from lingoking you are linguistically on the safe side: We provide highly trained interpreters for every language. Each interpreter is obliged to first sign a confidentiality agreement and the interpreters' code of ethics. If necessary, we will be happy to provide a Serbian sworn interpreter, which is necessary, for example, for weddings, legal disputes or inheritance matters. At lingoking, you benefit from the linguistic skills of a Serbian interpreter who has been working in his profession for several years.

Special circumstances require special measures. A typical short holiday can be over much faster than you think. Travelling alone in a foreign country without knowledge of the local language can quickly become a nightmare when unforeseeable things happen. At lingoking, we provide Serbian interpreters worldwide. For tours through Serbia, we recommend an escort interpreter, who will accompany you on the entire route and can thus take over communication at any time.

lingoking can always provide you with the right Serbian interpreter who perfectly matches your requirements – no matter what language combination or region. Even on-site appointments in Serbia are no problem.

We will only provide you with Serbian interpreters with the appropriate qualifications for your specialist areas as well as an understanding of Serbian customs. On request, the use of sworn interpreters, for example for notary appointments, is also possible.

It’s not only German - Serbian interpreters that are in great demand, but also the combinations Spanish - Serbian and English - Serbian. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call.

Sworn Serbian interpreters are qualified to translate at court hearings. A sworn interpreter is always called in when one of the parties involved does not have the necessary language skills to understand everything. This must be ensured so that the trial can proceed properly. After all, the trial can be fair for all parties involved only if it is ensured that the accused party understands everything and, in turn, the defence does not have to overcome any additional hurdle due to the language barrier. This allows the process to be fair for all parties involved.

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Turbulent history

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Montenegrin? Bosnian?

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