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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreter: Translating at the limit

In simultaneous interpreting (also conference interpreting), what is said is interpreted almost simultaneously.
"Simultaneous" here refers to performing two activities at the same time: listening to
what is said in the source language and speaking what is said in the target language.

Areas of application for simultaneous interpreters

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  • Time saving through simultaneous transmission of the spoken word
  • Good conditions for listeners, as interpreting technology ensures that the speakers or participants are not disturbed acoustically by the interpreters
  • Any number of listeners (for simultaneous listening) possible, as interpretation can take place via any number of headphones
  • Possibility to transmit into several languages at the same time
  • Maximum professionalism
  • Livelier and more dynamic discussions possible
  • Professional acoustic conditions for interpreters and listeners


  • possibly higher financial expenditure due to the use of the required technology as well as two interpreters per language combination (for an assignment duration of 30 minutes or longer)
  • Technical expenditure for participant groups of more than three people
  • Fixed cabins are not suitable for all situations (e.g. factory tours)
  • Sufficient space for interpreting booths, which must offer a view of the event

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    Simultaneous interpreters for Russian or English – lingoking provides interpreters for countless language combinations. We have contacts around the globe and can find the right simultaneous interpreter for any occasion: whether for a conference, an important negotiation or a telephone conference. Our simultaneous interpreters have experience in a wide range of fields.
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    Only highly qualified interpreters who have completed training at a recognised university and who may be members of a translators' association work for lingoking. They also have several years of professional experience and are sworn in by the courts if required.
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    With us, you have a personal contact who will be happy to help you implement complex interpreting projects for your company, whether it's a conference, training for international staff or a meeting.

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  • Download more icon variants from https://tabler-icons.io/i/brand-twitter “Despite difficult scheduling on our part, all deadlines were met in the best possible way. The interpreter worked very professionally and effectively and was also able to accommodate working time extensions at short notice. I had the impression that the translated content was also received by the clients.”

    Karl-Heinz Preßler (Service-Manager)

Our Success Stories

What our customers say about us
  • Download more icon variants from https://tabler-icons.io/i/brand-twitter “lingoking processed our interpreter request very quickly. Our contact persons were very nice and always endeavoured to satisfy our demands. The consecutive interpreter was perfectly prepared and went down very well with our Japanese clients. So our factory tour was a complete success.”

    Simone Hartmann (Sales Assistant Export)

Our Success Stories

What our customers say about us
  • Download more icon variants from https://tabler-icons.io/i/brand-twitter “We had an interpreter in our house for 10 days. The service was very reliable and flexible. We can only recommend lingoking.”

    Petra Heinrich (Team leader Coordination Service Training)

FAQ: Our answers to your questions.

Do you still have questions about interpreting? Then we have the answers here.

There are situations in which an on-site interpreter is simply the best solution or sometimes even a necessity. Here, foreign-language communication is translated orally. But there are also private situations in which a professional and possibly sworn interpreter can help you, e.g. in court or at a wedding abroad. No matter what your requirements — lingoking offers you interpreters all over the world across all disciplines.

In principle, interpreting is possible for most language combinations, if necessary also by relay interpreting (from A to B, from B to C).

lingoking distinguishes three language groups with their own hourly and daily rates:

Group 1: German, English, Dutch, Hungarian, Albanian, Chinese, Romanic and Slavic languages

Group 2: Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Kurdish, Dari, Farsi/Persian

Group 3: Pashto, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Japanese, Icelandic and all other languages

The time it takes to process a request depends on the location and the desired language combination. It is therefore best to contact us with some lead time.

Only highly qualified interpreters who have completed training at a recognised university and who may be members of a translators' association work for lingoking. They also have several years of professional experience and are sworn in by the courts if required.

Quality has top priority at lingoking! Every lingoking interpreter must have a recognised qualification and is thoroughly checked. In addition, they have signed the interpreters' code of honour and our confidentiality agreement. Find out more here.

We will be happy to advise you on the technology you need (interpreting booths, portable interpretation system, etc.) and arrange a competent partner to provide it for you, but our offer only covers the provision of interpreters.

For everyone! Whether for foreign language customer support, meetings, legal consultations, medical consultations or on the road. We offer a wide range of language combinations and industry-specific expertise, in English or Chinese — we will find the right interpreter for you! The telephone interpreting service is billed inexpensively and flexibly every 30 minutes.

The technique to be used for interpreting depends on the number of participants and the type of interpreting. In principle, there are three options for technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting:

Simultaneous interpreting in an interpreting booth (from approx. 15 participants):
This involves installing one or more soundproof booths at the back of the event room, usually manned by two to three interpreters. Due to the high mental (concentration) and physical (voice) strain, simultaneous interpreters always work together in small teams and take turns at regular intervals. They support each other in the event of any difficulties. The interpreters listen to the speaker through headphones and interpret what is said into a microphone. This interpretation is then received by the audience through appropriate headphones. Interpreting booths must comply with certain standards in terms of soundproofing, size and ventilation (ISO 2603 for fixed booths, ISO 4043 for mobile booths). It should be noted that the booths must be positioned so that all interpreters have an unobstructed view of all projection screens and the speaker(s).

Whispered interpreting with a tour guide system (for approx. 3 to 15 participants):
For events with a small number of participants and/or event conditions that do not allow the use of an interpreting booth — e.g. outdoors — simultaneous interpreting with a tour guide system (PFA) is recommended. Here, the interpreter stands in the immediate vicinity of the speaker and interprets what is said in a low tone into the microphone of the tour guide system, the signal of which is relayed to the headphones of the listeners by means of mobile transmission technology. This type of interpreting is ideal, for example, for smaller group tours of factories and the like.

Whispered interpreting without a tour guide system (for max. 2 to 3 participants):
Without a tour guide system, whispered interpreting is suitable for a maximum of 2 to 3 participants for whom the simultaneous interpreting is provided. It should be noted that the audience must be seated or standing in close proximity to the interpreters.

Simultaneous interpreting is the supreme discipline among all types of interpreting. This is because simultaneous interpreting is cognitively the most demanding type of interpreting and requires the highest level of concentration. To be able to interpret at full capacity, no interpreter should therefore interpret for more than 30 minutes at a time. A maximum of 40 minutes of simultaneous interpreting is acceptable for a single interpreter from a professional point of view.

Consequently, if an interpreting assignment lasts longer than half an hour, it is essential to use two simultaneous interpreters who can alternate every 30 minutes. This method has proven itself worldwide and guarantees you, the client, the highest quality interpreting.

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