Marketing translations: A speciality?

Nina Nguyen I 24th August 2021

Translators and interpreters face a major challenge with marketing documents and promotional materials. The core of a brand message must be translated as accurately as possible into a new language — at the same time, cultural and linguistic peculiarities must be taken into account. This is the only way a company can build a positive relationship with new international clients.

Translations in the field of marketing and PR are very demanding projects. This is because marketing texts are often precisely tailored to communicate with a specific target group. It is therefore important that you find a professionally competent and reliable translator or interpreter for your translation project. To help you in your search, we have compiled important information on this page to help you choose the right specialist translator for your marketing translation.


When are marketing translations needed?
What are the challenges of translating marketing documents?
What skills does a translator of marketing documents need?

Tips and tricks:
Checklist: How to find the right specialist translator
This is how the translation of marketing texts works


When are marketing translations needed?

Marketing documents that most often need to be translated include:

* Advertising texts
* Slogans and claims
* Brochures, catalogues, flyers and leaflets
* Marketing plans and market research studies
* Press releases
* Websites
* Advertising texts (print and online)
* Newsletter and mailings

There are also marketing tasks for interpreters: webinars, meetings and conferences are valuable parts of the marketing mix. Interpreters can also help your company to reach new customers when presenting at trade fairs.

What are the challenges of translating marketing documents?

Brand message and corporate culture:
In marketing translations, texts often have to be translated with a very specific linguistic style and a precisely coordinated choice of words. After all, the brand message and corporate culture should also be clearly recognisable in the foreign language ;amp culture. Moreover, translating stylistic devices in marketing texts such as alliterations and idioms is a major challenge even for native speakers. For marketing translations, it is therefore very important that an interpreter or translator not only has the necessary language skills, but also basic knowledge of marketing. In addition, creativity, transcreation and a good command of the language can help to ensure an excellent translation of marketing materials.

Cultural adaptations:
Some slogans, for instance, cause incomprehension in other cultures if they contradict social values and norms. Standardised, word-for-word translations into the foreign language often do not meet the expectations of the target group. In addition to the linguistic competence of a specialist marketing translator, his or her understanding of other cultural rules is therefore equally important. This is the only way to ensure smooth communication with potential customers.

This is he adjustment of, among other things, weights, date formats and currencies is called localisation. This process is very important when translating marketing documents — after all, your customers should only receive correct information!

Corporate Design:
A lot of work is often put into the design of brochures, websites and user interfaces. Finally, a user-friendly and intuitive design contributes to higher customer satisfaction. Therefore, attention must also be paid to the layout when translating such documents: If a text is translated into Arabic or Hebrew, the reading and writing direction also changes. Accordingly, menus and the text image must also be adapted for these languages. The text length can also change due to a translation. A professional translator can take all this into account and help you implement your corporate design perfectly in another language as well.

What skills does a translator of marketing documents need?

Irrespective of whether you choose a freelance translator or a translation agency, special skills are needed for the translation of marketing documents.

For the translation of marketing texts and for interpreting at training courses or conferences, the translator or interpreter needs in-depth expertise in the field of marketing. This is the only way to guarantee that you receive high-quality and reliable translations. Knowledge of the relevant products, manufacturing processes and the industry are key requirements for a good marketing translation.

Fast order processing:
When it comes to specialist translations of marketing texts, sometimes every minute counts. Tight deadlines and last-minute requests are not uncommon in the fast-moving marketing and PR industries. A well-coordinated team of project managers, specialist translators and account managers can provide you with high-quality translations even for short-notice orders.

Technical know-how:
Modern marketing happens on many different channels, each with different marketing translation requirements. Especially in the field of online marketing, a professional marketing specialist translator can also help you with questions about SEO translations, the creation of multilingual keyword lists and the translation of your Google ads.

Additional services:
Friendly customer service, reliable processing of your order, a personal account manager, strict data protection regulations and fast order processing are among the additional services offered by a translation agency and ensure that your translation project runs smoothly.

Project management:
Sufficient resources to handle your translations and the ability to quickly create more capacity are crucial qualities of good project management. Thanks to a customer-oriented approach, your individual needs can always be taken into account.


How to find the right specialist translator

* Is it an established translation agency that has been successfully offering its translation services for several years?
* Does the translator have experience with translating marketing documents?
* Does the translator have expertise in your product and industry? Does the translator know all the legal regulations and specifications that have to be complied with?
* Can the translation agency also provide you with a certified translation that is recognised by the authorities?
* Is the translator a member of official organisations such as the American Translators Association (ATA)?
* Is the security of your personal data guaranteed at all times and is your privacy protected?
* Can the translation agency also offer you fast ordering options such as express delivery?
* Are the prices transparent and clear? What is included in the order?
* Can the translation agency offer you other services, such as an interpreter or the translation of additional documents?

This is how the translation of marketing texts works

A qualified professional translator is your best choice when you need your marketing materials translated. After all, a professional translator or interpreter with the appropriate expertise knows all the subtleties and special features that need to be taken into account in marketing texts.

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