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The Hanseatic City of Bremen is one of the largest metropolitan regions in Germany. Foreign trade is particularly important in Bremen: In the Bremen/Bremerhaven port group, imports and exports run like an assembly line. Whether in the real estate market, e-commerce or information technology - as a vibrant metropolis, Bremen has mastered structural change with flying colours.


Interpreters in the Hanseatic City

As the head of a company, you want to address customers from all over the world. Even if you do not trade in goods but mainly offer services, the international clientele plays an important role. And the best way to reach them is to speak the same language. At negotiations, congresses, trade fairs or factory visits, it can therefore be helpful to have an interpreter by your side to avoid misunderstandings.

The specialisation of the interpreter is also important. Depending on whether it is the tourism industry, transport and logistics, construction or another industry, specific vocabulary is used. A specialised interpreter is familiar with the subject area and vocabulary and can thus translate flawlessly.

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Translators in the North of Germany

If you want to have reports, websites or other documents translated, trust the expertise of translators. Did you know that the translator does not necessarily have to be on site in Bremen or Bremerhaven? Especially with unusual language combinations, it can be difficult to find the right expert nearby. However, this does not mean that your document cannot be translated. It is often sufficient to send the document to the translator by e-mail (as a PDF, scanned or photographed) - you will then receive the translation back by e-mail. Uncomplicated and fast!

In the case of certified translations, the original digital file is also sufficient for the translator to produce his translation. You will then receive the finished translation by post within a few working days - with certification, of course.


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At lingoking you will find your perfect interpreter: Send us your request and let us know for which language combination and occasion, as well as when and where you need an interpreter. We will then send you a personal offer. It’s easy and straightforward!
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Find the right language service provider in Bremen

Unlike a traditional translation agency in Bremen, we at lingoking have a broad network of translators and interpreters at our disposal. This enables us to provide you with professionals in a wide range of language combinations. If, for example, you have a customer meeting coming up in Bremen or you are representing your company at trade fairs such as the Bremen Classic Motorshow, we will provide you with the right interpreter. If, on the other hand, you would like to have documents translated, you can rely on the expertise of our translators.

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Birth certificate

Certified translation received by mail in 7 working days. Any language. Recognized by authorities!

From € 52.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Drivers license

Certified translation. Approved by the authorities, every language possible!

From € 45.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Diploma / Degree

Certified translation received by mail. All languages. Recognized by authorities!

From € 59.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Marriage certificate

Certified translation.
Into any language you want and recognized by authorities!

From € 71.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Exam certificate

Certificate translation into any language. Express and with certification possible!

€ 99.90 incl.
certification and delivery


Employment reference letter

Translation by native-speaking translators. With certification possible!

From € 69.90 incl.
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