Translation agencies in Austria

From young IT companies to traditional craft businesses - foreign customers and business partners are very important for many companies. This is no different in Austria. If you would like to offer your services in foreign languages, you need a professional language service. But what is the best way to find one?


Which companies benefit from interpreters and translators?

All those who have foreign clients or want to gain a foothold in the international market benefit from language services of all kinds. Whether interpreter or text translation - language services simplify communication as soon as different languages are spoken. Even if you have a very good command of a second language, sometimes it is the little things, nuances in the language, that cause misunderstandings. A fast, reliable and professional language service helps to avoid these misunderstandings.

Interpreters in Austria

The interpreter does not necessarily have to come from the same place. Travel costs are often rather low. It is also sometimes worth looking at Germany or Switzerland - unusual language combinations may only be available in neighbouring countries. In the case of telephone conferences or smaller negotiations, a telephone interpreter can even be called in if necessary - he or she is connected by telephone and travel costs are incurred in full.

But of course there are also many professional interpreters of all kinds in Austria: Simultaneous interpreters for conferences, consecutive interpreters for a negotiation, whispered interpreters for a factory tour and more. In addition to the type of interpreting, it is also important to pay attention to the interpreter's industry knowledge. Specialised interpreters are familiar with the required vocabulary and thus deliver a better result.

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Translators in Austria

Whether in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz or Salzburg: Translators to translate your website, brochures and other documents such as product descriptions and instruction manuals are everywhere. You should place particular emphasis on the translator's specialisation. Expertise and associated specialised vocabulary increases the quality of your translation.

The good thing about the translation service: The translator does not necessarily have to be on site. Documents can be sent to the translator by e-mail, scanned or photographed if necessary. Queries will be clarified by telephone. The finished translation is sent back to the client by e-mail; in the case of certified translations, the translation is sent by post and can thus also be completed within a few working days.

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Find translators in Austria

If you need an interpreter or translator in Austria, we at lingoking will be happy to assist you. Thanks to our wide-ranging database, we can provide you with translators and interpreters in all language combinations. College or university degree or several years of professional experience - our professionals have to prove their talent before they are included in the lingoking database.

If you would like to receive a non-binding offer, please send us an enquiry via our contact form. We will be happy to take your requirements on board and find the language professional you need in a timely manner. We are of course at your disposal for any questions you may have. Those who hire lingoking benefit from more than just language services - we promise you customer service that leaves nothing to be desired.

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