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Serena Tirinnanzi I 23.02.2022 I Amazon
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What is important when translating your listings? What is the best way to proceed and which tools should be used for translation? You will find this information and many more answers in the following guide article.

Keyword analysis

Think about what you yourself would search for as a customer when it comes to your product – and you have already researched the first keywords. In the next step, synonyms for the terms can then be searched for. And so, the keyword list keeps on growing. It is best to collect all keywords in an Excel list (tip: with the function “Remove duplicates” you can sort out duplicates at the end).

Use Amazon auto-suggest for keyword research: This can be used to complete the first rough keyword list. For example, type your main Amazon keyword into the search bar, followed by a space, and look at Amazon Auto-Suggest suggestions. Here, too, you will find helpful terms that users have searched for in the marketplace. You can do this in more detail by entering the letters of the alphabet one after another after your main keyword (e.g. “backpack a”, “backpack b”, etc.) and going through the suggestions.

Keyword research with Amazon keyword tools

In addition to the above options (or “instead”, if time is of the essence), you can of course also use tools that quickly provide keyword suggestions. There are free and paid tools (see list). We recommend Junglescout and Helium10, but these are subject to a fee. The free variants can only be used to a limited extent. The advantage of such keyword tools is that, unlike “brainstorming” or auto-suggestion searches, you also get “numbers”: i.e., the results usually also show the respective search volume behind the keyword, which is very important for the placement of the keywords in the listing. The keyword with the highest search volume belongs in the title –more on that later.

Listings relevant to translation

Illustration: Frau am Computer
  • Helium10
  • Sistrix
  • Sonar (Sellics)
  • Uberseller
  • Junglescout

Where to put my keywords?

Quite a lot of keywords! How do I now process the keywords? After the research, you basically have two options for processing the keywords: [Recommended by lingoking]: You open the exported keywords in Excel, sort them by relevance (descending by Search Volume) and then use this list as a source for the translation.
Tip: Merge the files and select “Remove duplicates“)

VERY IMPORTANT: When translating, stick to the maximum length specified by Amazon!
• Title: 150-200 characters (recommended 80)/approx. 200-250 bytes
• Bullet points: 200-250 characters per bullet point (recommended max. 1000 bytes)
• Product description 300 words/1900 characters/2000 bytes

Characters are not equal to bytes. But Amazon “thinks” in bytes. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you can also measure the length of your listings with special tools, e.g. with this BYTE COUNTER > Often, the customer already provides the desired maximum length in the file (e.g. as an Excel formula), in this case just stick to it.


As you have discovered with this guide, keyword research can take quite a long time. It looks a bit elaborate and complicated at first glance, but we can guarantee that with a bit of practice, this task will also become routine, just like Memsource and other tools so far. Of course you can also use other tools: maybe you already know some for the target market you are translating for. We don’t insist that you use Helium10 – we just want to give you one of many tools. In the end, the only thing that matters is that the translation is good and fulfils the purpose that the listing should also fulfil on the source market: to be found (preferably right at the top of the rankings) and to persuade the buyer to also buy the product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or continue to follow us in our guide!!!

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