Interpreter in Wiesbaden

The state capital of Hesse, with its population of just under 290,000, is also important for the translation industry. In the following article, we will tell you where interpreters and translators are needed in Wiesbaden and how you can find a suitable language service provider.


Interpreters in film and television

Translation work and international communication are essential components within the media industry. It is therefore not surprising that interpreters in Wiesbaden work a lot in the media field. Among other things, the German Film and Media Rating (FBW) has its headquarters in the Hessian state capital. Clearly, an enormous amount of administration and communication (also with foreign film associations and companies) is necessary here, involving professional interpreters.

Interpreters are no less busy at the Deutsches Filmhaus. For example, the film archive of the German Film Institute and the Hessian state studio of the ZDF are located here. The Voluntary Self-Regulation Body of the Film Industry (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft, FSK) also has its headquarters in the Filmhaus and sometimes relies on media-savvy interpreters in Wiesbaden when communicating with international companies from the film industry.

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Interpreters in politics and business

If foreign politicians are guests in the Wiesbaden Landtag in the Stadtschloss, interpreters are also needed. When dealing with international customers and business partners in the insurance industry, the involvement of experienced language service providers is often unavoidable. Language experts are also needed in the field of communication design, advertising and market research to reach international clientele.

In Wiesbaden there are about 700 farms that grow and sell wine. With increasing globalisation, this is also marketed internationally. With an interpreter at their side, even small businesses secure valuable foreign market share.

The potential of the English language

In the long term, there is strong potential for interpreters in Wiesbaden with regard to the English language. The headquarters of the US Army moved from Heidelberg to Wiesbaden in 2014. The garrison, with over 19,000 members, is thus closely linked to the city from now on. With all kinds of guides and magazines, Germany is made palatable to English-speaking employees - Wiesbaden companies can place advertisements in them and thus gain customers. A translator can help find the right words for your ad.


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Translators in Wiesbaden

Translators are not only needed in the field of advertising. German authorities are considered particularly critical - birth certificates, marriage certificates and other documents that are not in German often have to be translated in order to be recognised. Find out from your competent authority whether certification may even be necessary.

The help of multilingual translators is also needed in the business environment. Be it marketing documents, contracts or entire websites - customers want to be addressed in their own language. Secure the decisive market advantage through professional translations!

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