Interpreter in Frankfurt

As the largest city in Hesse, Germany's financial centre and one of Europe's most important transport hubs, Frankfurt am Main is a popular metropolis for companies and up-and-coming talent. The city skyline is unique in Germany: The many skyscrapers also gave the city the nickname "Mainhattan". Internationality ensures a constant need for interpreters and translators. But what is important when choosing a language service provider in the metropolis?


Frankfurt: The city that is growing strongly

The fact that interpreters in Frankfurt do not have too few clients to complain about becomes obvious when one takes a look at the number of inhabitants of this major Hessian city. Over 715 000 inhabitants live here. If you add the residents of the conurbation, the figure is even around 2.5 million people. While other cities in Germany are shrinking in terms of numbers, Frankfurt continues to grow strongly. According to the FAZ, the number of people living in Frankfurt has increased by 50,000 since 2005. According to current calculations, another 25,000 inhabitants will be added by 2020.

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Places of employment for interpreters in Frankfurt

One industry in particular is benefiting from the strong population growth: the construction industry. The municipality wants to avoid an intensification of commuter traffic and is therefore looking for areas within the city where new housing can be built. Increasingly, they are also working with companies from abroad - a language barrier can be bridged with interpreters.

In addition to the financial industry, the advertising and communication industry also plays an important role and is thus an important employer for interpreters and translators. The trade fairs in Frankfurt also play a major role here. In addition to language mediation for professional purposes, interpreters in Frankfurt are of course also hired by travel agencies to make holidaymakers' stay in the Rhine-Main metropolis as pleasant as possible. Some of the event highlights for visitors from the cultural sector and interpreters in Frankfurt are definitely the annual Museum Festival and the "Night of the Museums".

Translation agency Frankfurt: Places of employment for translators

In the vibrant metropolis of Frankfurt am Main, the client base of translators is particularly broad. Whether companies in the financial sector, construction and real estate industry, car manufacturers, retailers, IT agencies or telecommunication companies. Whether it's technical reports, product descriptions, operating instructions or websites - the experts' comprehensive language knowledge can be traced back to years of professional practice or recognised university or college degrees.


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