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Travellers, business people, creative free spirits - hardly any other German city is as vibrant and up-and-coming as Berlin. Berlin is international, so interpreters have their hands full. But what makes the city so unique? In which fields are interpreters and translators particularly needed and how do you find the right language service provider in Berlin in the first place?


Berlin: "Melting Pot" or "Salad Bowl"?

In Berlin, one encounters two of the most common social structures: the "melting pot" and the "salad bowl". At the Melting Pot, people from different countries come together and form a new society. An independent, common consciousness develops. The individual cultural backgrounds of the members no longer play a role - they have "merged" into one big whole. In the "Salad Bowl", the cultures do not merge. Each member of society maintains its own cultural identity - just as pieces of cucumber, tomato and pepper do not combine in a salad, no matter how long you mix them.

In Berlin there is both multicultural coexistence and multicultural togetherness. Berlin is simply unique.

Over 3.5 million people from over 185 nations - Berlin's linguistic diversity

Berlin's 3.5 million inhabitants come from over 185 nations. The involvement of interpreters and translators in Berlin is therefore not limited to "major" foreign languages, such as English and Spanish. The capital is also a popular location for businesses of all kinds due to its recognised university and research institutions, optimal transport infrastructure and qualified workforce. The demand for interpreters and translators is therefore not only high at multicultural events such as the "Carnival of Cultures".

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Interpreter locations in Berlin

Over 12 million tourists came to Berlin in 2015 - more than ever before. Particularly popular: the diverse cultural offerings. Especially memorials, museums and theatres attract visitors. Interpreters in Berlin are therefore particularly in demand if they have above-average cultural background knowledge. Tourists don't just want to see relics of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial, they want to experience them. An interpreter in Berlin, who acts as a chatty tourist guide and contact person on city tours, gives tourists the cultural travel experience they were hoping for.

Over the years, Berlin has become one of the top addresses for start-ups in the computer and video games sector. Employees are often recruited from all parts of Europe - it is logical that professional interpreting facilitates cooperation. Not to be forgotten: Most video games are offered in different languages. So there is also something for IT translators to do in Berlin.

Trade fairs such as CCW, ITB or ILA often require the presence of a trade fair interpreter. When selecting interpreters, you should place a special focus on the respective subject area. In this way, you benefit from an expert who has a great deal of knowledge, not only linguistically but also thematically. Consecutive or simultaneous interpreters are also available for other occasions and events. Whether conference calls, factory tours, negotiations or technical conferences lasting several hours - interpreters are needed at every turn in Berlin.

Translator assignment locations in Berlin

Personal contact with the translator is often desired by the client, but in very few cases does the translator have to be on site for a translation. This way, a translation from the scanned or photographed document can pass - even if a certification is desired. The translator simply sends the certified document by registered mail. This means that a certified translation will also reach its destination within a few working days.

Whether it's the translation of a website into several languages, the translation of a certificate into English or a specialist text for a particular industry into Chinese, Japanese or Turkish - translators take on tasks in a wide variety of fields.

Get an experienced interpreter or translator from a translation agency in Berlin. This makes it possible to offer you a professional and tailor-made service.


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Birth certificate

Certified translation received by mail in 7 working days.
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Diploma / Degree

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