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Florian Mayerhoffer I 23.02.2022 I Amazon
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With a good SEO-optimised translation of your listings (product detail pages on Amazon), you can achieve relevance with your articles on the world’s largest marketplace and decisively improve your ranking in the foreign language search result lists (SERPs). Prerequisite for a good translation: You can already demonstrate a professional SEO presence in the source language.


How you can get your listings on to the number 1 spot in searches and scale your sales beyond Germany.

Which elements are relevant for your Amazon translation?

Our prioritised overview.

Product title
Bullet points
Product description
Sales psychology aspects

Product title

The SEO title is the most important element and will always be the first thing the client notices. The most important keyword should be at the beginning and supplemented by other USPs or keywords. One should also pay attention to this in the translation. This can’t always be guaranteed, especially when automatic translation tools or insufficient technical expertise are employed.

Would you have known?

Illustration: Frau am Computer
  • US$ 386.06 billion was transacted globally on Amazon in 2021.
  • 64% brand value growth in 2021 compared to 2020
  • US$ 29.57 billion turnover was made on Amazon in Germany alone (2020)
  • The number of suppliers on the marketplaces increased by 41% in 2021
  • Net sales contribution on marketplaces = $15,000 per seller

Bullet points

The product attributes are the second most important point for the algorithm, the search and consequently also for the translation. Here, the next most important keywords should be addressed clearly and precisely. A previously defined strategy, which should be tailored to your product, helps to structure these accordingly (e.g. 1. Brief description, 2. Accessories, 3. USPs and 4. C2A). This must also be taken into account in the translation.

Product description

The corresponding field in the Seller Center gives you 2,000 characters (or 7,000 characters for A+ content) to describe your product in a high-quality way. It is not the keywords that have the highest priority here, but the information content, the emotions and the optimal readability. This precludes machine translation and should therefore be undertaken by experts who have both a native-language and subject-specific background (cf. Language Quality).


Here, a clear structure is important in the translation. The translators must adhere to the specifications. Limited characters, no repetition of keywords, deliberate use of hyphens and word combinations. Quite simple really, but if you don’t know or follow these guidelines, you won’t be able to exploit the full potential here either.


Next to images, videos and performance, text is probably the biggest and most important lever for increasing sales. To enjoy international success in this respect, you should make use of a professional translator network and regularly optimise the texts and adapt them to the relevant search terms.

About the author

@Florian Mayerhoffer | Head of Marketing @lingoking

Florian — Head of Marketing at lingoking since 2020 — is responsible for building up the brand & marketing department and the external presentation of the “lingoking” brand. Under the focus and the slogan “Push The boundaries”, the aim is to support e-commerce companies and marketplace sellers in their efforts to place their products on foreign markets and marketplaces in a way that is optimised for the country and target group.

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