Exhibition interpreter

An exhibition interpreter is more than just a classic interpreter. Not only must they have perfect command of the source and target languages but they must also be well acquainted with your products or services.

What does exhibition interpreting mean?

Exhibitions provide an interface between companies and customers. Whether you are planning to host an exhibition stand yourself or are looking to enquire about new innovations with potential business partners – visiting exhibitions is essential for success. As exhibitions have a number of international participants, language barriers pose a considerable risk. How can businesses cooperate if the respective parties do not understand each other? Avoid this scenario by using an exhibition interpreter. Many companies concentrate solely on the language combination: 'exhibition location language-English'. Set a good example and book an exhibition interpreter who can communicate with visitors from Japan, China or Arabic-speaking countries.

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What makes our exhibition interpreters so good?

Alongside providing linguistic support, many exhibition interpreters also help attract new customers. This is not surprising: those who employ an exhibition interpreter naturally have a target audience. Generally, it is worth commissioning more than one interpreter for an exhibition: that way you will be optimally equipped for large events with international audiences. The choice of language combinations should be considered carefully: whether you choose the most widely-spoken language, the official language of the exhibition's location or the language of potential customers – all of these factors should be taken into account.

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When you use our exhibition interpreting services you have the luxury of choice. We put you in contact with interpreters resident worldwide, and there is absolutely no need to worry about finding the languages you need: we offer not only common but also very rare language combinations. Book an experienced exhibition interpreter for your next exhibition and prove that your company values international clients. Are you looking for a qualified exhibition interpreter with years of experience? Do you have special requests? Then make things easy for yourself by contacting lingoking.

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