Language service provider lingoking translates web portal of Goethe Institut for new migrants

The comprehensive web portal “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”, managed by the Goethe Institute, is being translated into Kurdish and Tigrinya by the Munich-based LSP.

Munich, 24 February 2016 – The Goethe Institute has commissioned the global language service provider lingoking to translate its multilingual web portal “Mein Weg nach Deutschland” into Kurdish and Tigrinya. In just 18 days, 17,000 words were translated from German into the respective target language by lingoking translators.

Germany’s official, global cultural institute, responsible for the promotion of both the German language abroad and international cultural cooperation, has announced the development of the online platform as a response to the needs of immigrants, who must provide evidence of basic language skills before being able to apply for a visa in their home country. The project should optimise the transition between pre-integration language learning, information and advisory services abroad and initial language support, as well as further governmental integrational measures in Germany. The online portal had already previously been translated into 17 languages.

In view of the current arrival of refugees, the Goethe Institut’s portal has been expanded to include services for this target group. This should increase refugees’ ability to participate in education. Lingoking was tasked with translating the section entitledLiving in Germany” into Kurmanji (Kurdish) and Tigrinya. Alongside Arabic and Farsi, these languages are the main original languages spoken by refugees.

“Mein Weg nach Deutschland” offers authentic materials, clearly explained information in text, audio and video formats on everyday life in Germany, as well as language courses at A1 level. The informative and linguistic exercises are accompanied by an advisory service with an interactive map with which important addresses in Germany, such as integration course providers and advice centres, can be found using the names of the cities and respective postcodes. There is also a link to online advice service provided by the Youth Migration Service, with whom they collaborate.

Vera Tiegelkamp, Project “Language and Mobility”, says of the decision to collaborate with lingoking:

“We decided on lingoking because, in the LSP, we’ve found a partner who can translate the web portal into both languages, Kurmanji and Tigrinya. There are very few specialist German-Kurmanji and German-Tigrinya translators. In addition, lingoking has the necessary experience with this target group, immigrants, and has showed strong interest in the “Mein Weg nach Deutschland” project. Because of this, the collaboration was a great success, as expected: it was very friendly, fast, and professional.

Friedemann Holland, Head of Sales at lingoking:

“Through our services for the Goethe Institute we’ve been working to make life in Germany easier for refugees. As a professional agency providing translators and interpreters, in the last few months we’ve been able to provide services to a range of clients needing professional translators and interpreters for matters involving refugees. In this way, we’re providing an important element of current integration measures.”

As a result, lingoking and the Goethe Institute are already working together on further projects.


About the Goethe Institute

The Goethe Institute is Germany’s official global cultural institute. The Goethe Institute promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation. In addition, it provides a comprehensive view of Germany with insights into its culture, society and politics. The Goethe Institute currently has 159 branches in 98 countries.

The Mein Weg nach Deutschland web portal is designed to optimise integration measures, and is being expanded to cater for the needs of the newly-arriving refugees. The portal was jointly financed by the European Integration Fund between 2012 and 2014, and from 2015 to 2018 it will be expanded thanks to the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

About lingoking

lingoking is the universal online market place for language services and connects people with a professional interpreter or translator within minutes. Every year, lingoking translates over 9 million words, interprets over 6,000 hours on location and more than 9,500 minutes over the telephone, for more than 4,400 customers from all over the world. More than 5,100 registered interpreters and translators in over 840 cities are employed by lingoking. lingoking has its headquarters in Munich and a subsidiary company in the Czech Republic. 

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