Company background & company history

lingoking - Your online market place for language services.

lingoking was founded in 2010 in Munich and is the first universal online marketplace for language services. lingoking connects clients with a professional translator or interpreter in a matter of minutes – anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

When this new company arrived on the market, it hit the ground running. Each year lingoking translates more than 7 million words, interprets more than 4,000 hours on-site and more than 8,500 minutes on the telephone for more than 1,500 clients from around the globe. To achieve this, it relies on more than 3,000 registered translators and interpreters in more than 735 town and cities worldwide.

lingoking offers a broad range of language services via all conceivable communication channels, both to business customers and private individuals alike: from the translation of apps, websites, contracts and novels, to spontaneous interpreting on phone calls, sworn interpreting in court, or interpreting at training courses, trade fairs and corporate events.

Why lingoking?

For us, interpreting is by far the most fascinating and effective service in the world. What it does lack, however, is easy access and ease of use! Until now, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and private clients rarely use interpreters: too expensive, too complex, too inflexible and, above all, largely unknown as an everyday service! It is lingoking’s aspiration to change this.

How it all began - the founding story of lingoking

How a company was created from a total holiday disaster.

Nils Mahler, Managing director and founder of lingoking, recounts:

In 2009 we were in Corsica together. We had made the long journey by car from Munich to Livorno, Italy then onward by ferry to Bastia. We were in a real holiday mood! Having arrived on the island, we drove for what felt like two minutes when the car gave up the ghost and would no longer change gear. In first gear, we drove to the nearest campsite, sure they would help us there. We had even taken out insurance. Unfortunately, this was not the case. It was peak season - and apparently German insurers are not keen to assist on an island like Corsica.  We therefore had to take charge of everything ourselves - in French, of course.  Tell me again, how do you say “the car is no longer changing gear” in French?

And that was only the start of the holiday: organising a replacement car and return transport of the broken down car, arranging car rental agreements - we were at the end of our tether with our extremely basic French. When we returned to Germany after this nightmare, we thought to ourselves: Wouldn't it have been great if we had simply been able to call on a professional interpreter to help?! This is where the idea for lingoking was born."

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