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Telephone interpreting with lingoking. Easy, flexible and cost-efficient.

After talking with foreign customers or business partners, have you ever had the feeling that what you said was determined by your vocabulary rather than what you actually meant?

lingoking understands the problem and can provide professional telephone interpreters for businesses and individuals within minutes. Hold a conference call to have a relaxed conversation with your business partner and an interpreter in your native tongue. With no misunderstandings. And no sweaty palms.

Your contact person:

Joachim Harrer
Key-Account Manager







Simply use our pool of readily available experts who can be booked to take part in your telephone calls at flexible per minute rates. Our professional interpreters are available in virtually every language combination and are handpicked for their knowledge of your specific field.

This clever solution is not confined to business: Private individuals are also able to use lingoking voice and have recourse to our service in the event of an emergency abroad, for instance. This works anywhere and it is fast and cost-efficient.

Please note: lingoking is versatile and flexible. To enable us to meet your requests in due time, however, we do ask for adequate warning beforehand if conversations are highly specific or language combinations particularly unusual!

All the advantages at a glance:

  • lingoking is available in an instant: you can communicate with tact and confidence through an interpreter, and thus do business more quickly and professionally. lingoking voice is there for you in times of need when abroad and enables you to communicate in your own language, thus avoiding any misunderstandings or inaccuracies.
  • lingoking is flexible: our telephone interpreting service is location-independent and can be used at short notice. lingoking interpreters work from over 40 countries worldwide and are involved in communication via the telephone. This means you can use our service irrespective of opening times and communicate effectively with your business partners at all times – both day and night.
  • lingoking is straightforward: all you need to book an interpreter via lingoking is your internet connection and a telephone. Alternatively, you can also call our hotline to book our service direct – in which case you only need one resource: Your telephone. And if you run into any problems, we are always here for you. On the telephone, for a live chat or by email.
  • lingoking is eloquent:lingoking voice gives you access to a whole pool of interpreters with a wide range of language combinations and expertise. It’s always best to tell us what specific subject you plan to talk about: Whether business or personal contact, tourism or research – we will select the appropriate interpreter for you!
  • lingoking is cost-efficient: lingoking voice is billed to the exact minute. In contrast to conventional interpreting services, where you have to pay the interpreter’s travel expenses as well as the hourly rate, with lingoking you only pay for the actual interpreting service. It is well worth using professional telephone interpreters: you can remove all the barriers to communicating with your business partners at low cost – and this pays for itself in the long run.

Frequently asked questions

What language combinations are possible?

All major languages are available in principle. The following are available immediately: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese

How long will it take for an interpreter to call me back?

The amount of time depends on the required language combination. For immediately available languages: max. 20 minutes. All other languages: within 24 hours on weekdays.

How much does lingoking voice cost?

Assignment: Costs:
For assignments via the website
incl. telephone charge:
€ 2,69 / minute plus VAT
For assignments by telephone via
our project management team,

incl. telephone charge:
€ 2,89 / Minute plus VAT

What about quality and confidentialy?

Quality is the top priority at lingoking! We operate exclusively according to the criteria of DIN EN 15038. In addition, together with professional interpreters, universities and associations, we have developed our own quality campaign to guarantee you security, confidence and the best possible quality. Every lingoking interpreter must have a recognised professional qualification and undergo rigorous checks. A non-disclosure agreement must also be signed. Find out more.

What payment methods are offered?

You pay lingoking by credit card. This ensures that your booking is dealt with quickly and securely, whilst making it easy for you to use the lingoking service at short notice. If you are a business you can simply pay us on account. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card.

Who is the lingoking telephone interpreting service suitable for?

Small and medium-sized enterprises: Arranging international correspondence, meetings and conferences becomes child’s play with lingoking voice. Use our interpreting service to support your foreign customers, to plan business trips and for international partnership and sales talks.

Hospitals and doctors: Our fast and flexible interpreting service eases the burden in the event of a medical emergency. lingoking voice is also a great help during admission and discharge interviews, as well as visits and consultations with foreign patients.

Lawyers and official authorities: The lingoking telephone interpreting service is a straightforward alternative to conventional interpreting services. You can use lingoking voice for legal advice, for example, during court hearings with foreign clients, when filling in application forms and for discussions between youth welfare officers and parents who speak a different language.

Private individuals and travellers: Keep safe on the move: Use our telephone interpreting service in case of need when abroad, including breakdowns and medical emergencies. lingoking voice can also help you to plan your trip. And with the lingoking card your personal interpreter is always by your side.

Qualified interpreters for more than 50 languages. Reliable and directly on-site.


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